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What We Do

What We Do

Executive Protection

Our objective is to keep you safe without compromising your privacy. Our agents are specially trained to identify and analyze any threats or issues that may arise, thereby preventing them from escalating. 

  • Executive Protection

  • Protective Surveillance

  • Counter Surveillance


Security Consulting

We provide an in-depth examination of your business, assets, daily routine, and provide a comprehensive vulnerability/threat assessment. We can tailor a security program for you to fit your operational budget. Large event or small gathering, we have you covered.

  • Security Management

  • Risk Analysis/Planning

  • Residential Security

Don’t worry about planning every step of your life
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360 Protection Group, Inc. provides cutting edge training. Our staff are current or retired law enforcement. All have extensive experience in protection and training U.S. and third country nationals in many countries for Department of State contracts. Our Executive Protection Training Courses are based on the industry standard Department of State WPS (Worldwide Protective Services) training model.


Let our team assist you in your travel needs from day to business meetings or a trip abroad. Our team will be available to accompany you and provide quick access to both security and medical attention. We can provide transportation and logistics assistance on a higher level.

  • Advance and site surveys

  • Liaison with local police 

  • Immediate medical help




Criminal Investigations/ Cold Cases/ Civil  

Currently there are 5,255 unsolved homicide cases in North Carolina. There are numerous reasons for this statistic, however each victim should be afforded every opportunity for closure. This is where a private investigator can assist law enforcement greatly. Many times, private investigators who work closely with law enforcement enhance the investigation. 

360 Protection Group, Inc. private investigators are law enforcement veterans with many years of criminal, civil, and public corruption investigative experience. Each investigator has over 30 years of experience with the criminal justice system, which provides the skills necessary to collect, analyze, and prepare a comprehensive report which increases the outcome in your case.


Missing Persons / Skip Trace and Locate Investigations   

In North Carolina, 12,846 missing persons were reported in 2023, with 773 open cases. Children are especially at risk of going missing. In fact, a child goes missing in the United States for every 40 seconds.  While almost 9 out of 10 of children that go missing are runaways, there are still cases where children went missing because they were abducted. 

We have decades of law enforcement experience to assist. Our investigators are seasoned retired law enforcement professionals, with law enforcement contacts across North Carolina and the United States. In many cases, missing people can only be found with the help of a private investigator. Contact us today for a free consultation to hear how we can assist you.


Businessman Inspecting Paperwork Document of Business Data Analysis working Management report with KPI and metrics connected to database. Corporate strategy for finance, operations, sales, marketing.

Corporate Investigations 

Background, pre-employment, and due diligence investigations are vital to any organization. Based on statistics, about 39% of all background checks on employees or job candidates yield at least one critical red flag. 

This is extremely important when managing a larger workforce because 18%  of violent crimes happen in the workplace. Allow us to conduct pre-employment checks, background, and misconduct investigations to maximize risk mitigation. Allow us to assist you in hiring and retaining only the best employees.